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Who we are and what we offer

From family office to diamond dealer

The story of Leiser Diamonds

Leiser Diamonds is a brand of Welcome Future AG, based in Lucerne, Switzerland.


The company was founded in 1982 by Dietrich Leiser as a classic family office. Through his extensive international contacts in the field of asset management and the investment industry, he came into contact with diamonds for investment purposes at an early stage. The field of interest was quickly expanded from colourless diamonds to fancy colour diamonds.

In 2010, the next step was taken and Dietrich Leiser, together with his son Patrick, completed his training as a gemologist (polished diamond grader) at IGI in Antwerp.

After several stations in the international diamond trade, Patrick N. Leiser took over the management of Welcome Future AG in 2017 in the second generation. Under his aegis, Welcome Future AG developed from a family office also into a market-oriented company for trading in first-class diamonds for investment purposes.

This further development, with the new main focus on investment diamonds, was also taken into consideration in 2021 with the introduction of the Leiser Diamonds brand, under which all services will be offered from now on.

Patrick N. Leiser

Your personal advisor


At Leiser Diamonds you have a central contact person for all questions regarding our services.

Patrick N. Leiser has been a certified gemologist from the IGI Antwerp since 2010, a member of RapNet since 2013 and also holds a degree from the Lucerne University of Applied Sciences and Arts as a certified wealth advisor.

Whether planning your long-term investment strategy with diamonds, valuing your existing stones or sourcing rare diamonds on the international market: you will always benefit from his years of experience, his in-depth expertise and his global network.

Profoundly informed

Our consulting services



Together with our client, we develop a financial plan. Based on the desired investment amount and the investment goal, the diversification of the diamond portfolio is worked out.

All these decisions and information flow into our investment offer for the client. We accompany many of our clients over the long term and jointly review the performance of the portfolio and the achievement of the defined goals at regular intervals.


Even diamonds that were not purchased from Leiser Diamonds can be valued or appraised with us. This enables an up-to-date classification of the value.

We value diamonds with and without a certificate as well as set diamonds. We generally refuse to value rough diamonds without a certificate. (see also Kimberley process)

The costs for a valuation depend on the size of the stone and the information already available, such as certificates. For our investors, this service is of course free of charge.

Diamanten bewerten_Bild
Useful services around diamonds

Our range of services


Duty free warehouse

Diamonds, like almost all physical goods, are subject to import tax when imported into a country.

For pure investment diamonds, storage in a duty free warehouse is therefore an ideal solution. The diamonds are thus not imported and are not subject to any tax burden. They can be sent from the duty free warehouse to any place in the world at any time without any problems. In the country of destination, the recipient may incur import VAT and customs duties. However, the recipient can decide to store the goods in a duty free bonded warehouse in order to avoid these fees.

Of course, it is always possible to retrieve diamonds from the duty free warehouse and officially import them. In this case, the locally applicable import tax is due. Afterwards, the stones can be stored in the safe deposit box or made into jewellery as desired.

We can offer you duty free warehouses at many locations around the globe. However, we recommend storage in the duty free warehouse in Zurich. This gives us the opportunity to personally inspect the diamonds purchased for you on the international market prior to storage.

The storage of diamonds for our customers always takes place separately, in a sealed and marked security container.


Diamond depot

The higher the amount invested in diamonds by an investor, the more we recommend having your own diamond depot where the stones are stored centrally. There are various possibilities for this.



Leiser Diamonds organises the transport of the ordered stones to the new destination. The contracted transport companies also take care of customs and VAT duties.

Upon storage in the safe of Leiser Diamonds, the customer receives a statement with detailed confirmation of the stored stones and can, without taking personal action, dispose of the stones (e.g. for resale or similar).


In addition to availability, even without taking action himself, the customer saves all customs and VAT duties here. This makes sense for stones as a pure store of value, as sales options are greater this way. After storing the stones, the customer receives documents that identify the stones exactly and confirm their storage in his name. He can dispose of the stones at any time and has personal access to them at any time. In addition, the customer has the option to issue a power of attorney to Leiser Diamonds, so that even in the absence of the customer and at his request, work can be done with the stones (e.g. obtaining offers for sale, registration for auctions, valuations).


Reselling your diamonds

Leiser Diamonds assists with a resale. Depending on the stone, there is the possibility of selling it to a private customer, selling it at auction or offering it at international diamond bourses.

After an appraisal of the stone, we will be happy to advise you which sales channel is the best and most profitable for your stone.

Handmade instead of mass produced

Diamond jewellery made to measure


Although we specialise in investment diamonds, a diamond bought as an investment can also shine in a piece of jewellery at any time. Here, too, we are at your side.

Together with jewellery designers from a small manufactory, we design a piece of jewellery around your diamond or diamonds according to your ideas.

Precise 3D drawings will give you a good idea of the final result even before production begins.

For us, the production of diamond jewellery is an art that combines traditional craftsmanship with modern technological possibilities. This combination creates pieces of jewellery that do justice to the special value of diamonds.

This is how you get your investment diamonds

order and purchase procedure

  1. Offer
    After our personal consultation you will receive an offer from us at the current daily prices.
  2. Order confirmation by e-mail
    As soon as you have informed us which stone(s) you would like to purchase, we will send you an order confirmation by e-mail.
  3. Invoice
    In another e-mail you will receive our invoice for your order. We ask you to transfer the invoice amount to our bank account immediately in order to avoid delays and a prior sale of the stone.
  4. Purchase on the diamond market
    As soon as we have received the invoice amount, we will immediately purchase the ordered stones on the international diamond market.
  5. Quality control
    As soon as we physically receive the diamonds you have selected, they will be subjected to a thorough quality control by us and an independent expert.
  6. Delivery, collection, transfer to your diamond depot
    You are free to decide how you want to receive your diamonds.

For storage in the duty free warehouse in your name, we will meet directly at the warehouse for the inspection and handover of the stones. If you would like us to transfer the stones to your diamond depot, you can be present during the inspection of the stones or leave it entirely up to us.

Of course, you can also collect the stones personally at our company headquarters in Lucerne.

Or you can opt for insured transport to an address of your choice.

The physical transport of our diamonds is carried out exclusively with selected value transport companies and is of course fully insured. You can track the shipment at any time using the tracking number we provide.