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Welcome to the world of investment diamonds

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Take advantage of our 40 years of experience in trading investment diamonds and benefit from the special benefits diamonds offer as an investment.

Leiser Diamonds is your partner for investments in diamonds. We do not see ourselves as a mere dealer in diamonds, but as a partner to our customers. Our profound advice always forms the basis for future-oriented investment decisions with foresight.

40 years of experience in diamond trading, a dense network of partners in the most important international trading centres and a range of services throughout the entire investment cycle enable you to achieve long-term success with your investment in diamonds.

Our offer includes

  • trading with diamonds
  • Wealth and investment advice
  • Management of diamond portfolios for investors
  • Search for exceptional diamonds
  • Valuation of diamonds
  • Brokering of diamonds
  • Diamond jewellery made to measure

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price overview of investment diamonds in best quality

The stones offered here are all flawless, in perfect cut, with an up-to-date certificate of the GIA, with laser engraving of the certificate number for forgery protection and of course conflict-free, as all diamonds traded by us.

The subtle difference

What characterises investment diamonds?

Diamonds concentrate the greatest value in the smallest space and are therefore ideal for investing in movable assets.

Trading in diamonds is not regulated by the stock exchange and the performance is not very volatile, thus offering a very good degree of value security. As a tangible asset, diamonds offer very good inflation protection and are recommended as a medium to long-term investment.

Investment diamonds are always characterised by their high quality and by a certificate from an internationally recognised grading institute. That is why we only sell diamonds with certificates from the three largest institutes: GIA, HRD & IGI.

More about investment diamonds

Formation, origin & trade

Where do diamonds come from?

Diamonds were formed millions of years ago, hundreds of kilometres beneath the earth's crust. Under strong pressure and extreme heat, carbon atoms became a solid crystal lattice. The rough diamonds formed in this way were transported near or even completely to the earth's surface by tectonic shifts and volcanic activity.

Diamonds occur all over the world. In exploitable concentrations, however, they are found mainly in southern and western Africa, South America, India, Canada, Australia, Russia and China.

The largest producers of polished diamonds are De Beers, Alrosa and Rio Tinto (among others Argyle diamonds). In addition, there are many cutters who process rough diamonds into polished diamonds, especially in India, Asia and the European diamond centres.


The Argyle diamond mine in Australia was the largest producer of diamonds in the world. The stones mined were 80% brown, 15% yellow and 4% white diamonds. Only 1% of the mined quantity were pink, green and blue hues.

In the international diamond trade, almost only polished and certified diamonds are traded. And only these come into question as investment diamonds at all.